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COVID-19 Wearables: December Progress Update

We have launched Phase II

Thanks to our over 5,500 participants, we have completed the first phase of one of the world’s largest studies on infectious disease using data from wearable health monitoring devices, demonstrating sensitive detection of COVID-19 using a smartwatch. Our algorithms have been able to detect a COVID-19 illness 4 days (median) before symptom onset. That is why we have launched a real-time alerting system. What we call the Phase II of our study is similar Phase I, except that this time we want to validate and refine the algorithms that we developed in Phase I. We are using our alert system via MyPHD: participants will now report symptoms and activities when our algorithms detect potentially significant changes in the wearable health data. By identifying events that cause people to deviate significantly from their regular data, we hope to be able to distinguish the bodily stress detected due to COVID-19 from that caused by flu, stress, and even coffee!

Coming together is the first step towards tackling any challenge, and thanks to your contributions, we are closer to alleviating the global health crisis.

Initial results

We launched this project in March after realizing the severity of the global pandemic. Thanks to your data, our team was able to collect, analyze, and discuss some initial results within a few weeks. The first two papers will soon be published and available to the scientific community, an essential step in our battle against COVID-19. Here is the paper that was published on Nov 18 in scientific journal Nature Biomedical Engineering.


— Improving it every day!

We are working hard to improve the user experience. As a small team funded mostly by donations and gifts, it takes time. We truly appreciate all your feedback and your participation.Tthank you  for being an active part of the creative process.

Looking ahead

Our work is far from over as we continually improve the app. Thank you again for your support and contribution to the global fight against COVID-19. If you have any questions or issues, please visit the FAQs page or contact us at

Additionally, please share our website link with everyone you believe might be interested and eligible to participate.

Together, we will achieve great results!

— The COVID-19 Wearables Study Team

Nov 10, 2020